Cheapest keyboard to use with Synthesia

Jan 9, 2014
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Hi there, i'm looking to get a keyboard with 61 keys and usb/midi out to use with Synthesia. I used to take piano lessons for 2.5y then had a 5+y break. Now i want to get back to playing but no lessons and stuff, jusr playing for fun at my own home. Im looking for something really cheap and those two unknown manufacturers keyboards: YM 738 and lp6210c. Both have 61 fullsized dynamic keys and midi output and i can get them for under 100$. For not much more i could get Yamaha YPT220, but this one does not have dynamic keyboard (or does it? cant find it)

Can anyone who used one of those tell me something more about those? Or maybe you can recommend something else i could buy?
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May 30, 2012
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GTA, Canada
First of all I have no idea what part of the world you're in or what currency you're using but there is such a thing as going too cheap on a keyboard.

Both models you listed are cheap, no name, generic, made in China keyboards with absolutely no online support whatsoever.

No MIDI ports are not a dealbreaker these days as pretty much anything over $100 has at least a USB port for connecting to a computer.

My advice in that price range is to look at the low end Casios and Yamahas, spend at least $200 and get something with a decent number of voices and velocity sensitive keys.

Something like the CTK-3200 from Casio would serve you nicely.

or the Yamaha PSR-E333

Either way you won't spend a whole lot more and you'll get a keyboard that won't fall apart after 6 weeks of use or sound like total crap when you play.


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