Connecting phone to keyboard


May 17, 2012
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Hi I want to connect my phone to my Yamaha E453 keyboard so I can play mp3 files. I have a website where I can download karaoke tracks, do I create a folder on my phone to transfer the files to? I want to start playing my keyboard again but I'm not sure how to store these karaoke tracks.


Dec 25, 2012
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As I read the specs for the E453:

. . . It won't store MP3 files (digitized audio);

. . it _does_ have a stereo "Aux in" jack.

So yes:

. . . You create a directory on the phone, and download MP3 files ("karaoke tracks") into it.

That directory might already exist -- I think it's "Download" for Android.

Get a stereo-to-stereo cable with 1/8" plugs at either end;

. . . plug one end into the phone,

. . . plug the other end into the "Line In" jack on the E453.

The details of _how_ you access the MP3 files on the phone, and play them, depend on the phone and its operating system.

When you can get the phone to play an MP3 file, and connect it to the E453 with the cable,

. . . the sound should come out the PSR E453 loudspeakers,

. . . .along with whatever you play on the keys.

. Charles

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