Connection for Behringer FCV 100 pedal to PC361 for expression

Jul 22, 2012
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I have FCV pedal (has both normal and CV modes) that I am wondering if it will work in my new to me Kurzweil PC361 as volume pedal in the CC (volume jack). The FCV manual says you can use the CV mode by plugging in to output 2 (CV switched) and indicates TRS type connectors in spec list although manual is not clear on whether this is needed for all modes.

The PC361 manual lists for CC Continuous pedals to use 1/4 Rip-ring-Sleeve with wiper connected to sleeve.

I had been using BEhringer pedal in normal mode running two separte channel mono cords L/R through to 2 channels of amp but the PC 361 sounds muddy when compared to direct L/R out of 361 to amp.

I am not much on wiring but TRS looks to me like a "stereo" jack and TS "mono".

Since both the Behringer pedal and Kurz PC361 state TRS - I am thinking I need one cord (TRS) to go from the CC (volume) output of PC361 to the output 2 of the pedal. It this correct? I don't want to damage anything and actually not sure if I have one TRS cord handy - need to dig (have gig this afternoon).

the FCV 100 has 12 volt power supply that I typically use (in normal mode) but I wonder whether that is even needed in CV mode as an expression pedal.

Sorry if this is dumb question - first time looking at running this in CV mode.



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