Considering purchasing "Yamaha PSR-E223 Portable Keyboard" for $90.00

Jun 26, 2010
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First and foremost, I found this in an add in a music magazine and I believe it is a good deal. What I am looking for in this keyboard:
  • Affordability
  • MIDI
  • Decent Sounding
  • An Alright Keyboard
I am not looking for a premier keyboard, but I also do not want to waste $90.00 on a terrible keyboard. I am illiterate with keyboards, but I desire to learn. I started playing drums Christmas time last year and, although I am not saying I am an amazing drummer, I picked them up very fast and discovered that I have a passion for music.

I apologize for the rambling message lol, I am hoping that you guys (people who are knowledgeable on keyboards) will be able to push me in the right direction instead of some jerk at Guitar Center trying to sell me the most expensive keyboard. Thanks for reading and any advice given!


Jul 18, 2007
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I think that keyboard doesn't have touch response keys. Meaning no matter how hard/soft you play - you'll get the same velocity of sounds.

The keybed on low-range PSR keyboard is made of cheap plastic - but that's
the same on all etry level keyboards.

Apart from that - 90$ seems like a very nice price.

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