Controling my equipment via MIDI

May 4, 2020
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So that is the case. I have this equtpment:
Akkordeion with MIDI build IN
Sound module HDS Pro!1 (this si for sound for akkordeion)
Behringer xari12 (there is MIDI in/out)

for lyrics i have tablet with Bandhelper

Now I want to by Behringer F1010 for controling Rolnad g70

I want to wire my MIDI so that I change my song in Bandhelper, and this changed my program in RolandG70 and in SoundModul. Also I want to loud different setting for Behringer F1010.
When I play keyboard, I want have different switch settings( sustain, sound switch, intro, variation,...) and when I play I want to have different switcth settings( vodocer on of, sounf change, volume pedal one to akkordion for sonds from HDS Module and one for additional sound from Roland)

I know this is a little bit confusing, but if any one can help just a little bit, I would be helpfeul.

And, do I need Midi patch bay or I can handle this with IN OUT THRU?


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