Controlling K2661 in QA mode

Feb 18, 2020
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I have a PC388 which I use as a master controller. I am controlling a K2661 which is running fairly complex setups in which I want to be able to select the setup as programmed.

So I have the K2661 setup in QA mode
I think QA 0-127 Extended.
I have my Kurzweil PC3 in setup mode using a dedicated midi channel to control the K2661 via the regular ctl 0,32 bank program change. I cannot get the K2661 to see a bank change. I can manually select a given QA bank on the K2661, then select programs from the PC3 from within that given QA bank on the K2661 up to about 50. It will cycle through each 10 programs on the given QA bank. But it does not seem to have any bank control method to fully access the numerous other QA banks on the K2661.


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