Daisy Chain 2 Yamaha Reface Keyboards

Jan 21, 2016
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So I am currently playing in a Country/Southern Rock type band and am currently running a Yamaha P-105 with a Reface YC stacked on top for all my organ needs. I am considering adding a Reface CP for some vintage piano sounds as a well as a grab and piano for practicing while on the couch or whatever. So as I am trying to understand the MIDI stuff, and watching this vid:

Am I understanding it right that if I connect them in this fashion, I can run both during a live setup and extend my organ keyboard to 6 octaves (if the organ volume is up), or run the piano sounds with the extended keyboard if the piano volume is up?

Also, would I be able to mix the two together and play simultaneously?

Thanks in advance.



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May 30, 2012
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GTA, Canada
First of all it depends if your P-105 has proper MIDI ports on it or only a USB port.

If it's only USB you might have to use a computer or a USB MIDI Host Adapter.

If it has proper 5 pin MIDI ports then all you have to do is hook them up like in the video and twiddle a few settings to use the piano as a silent controller for the reface units or layer the sounds of all three simultaneously.

Barring these caveats it should be doable.

Gary ;)

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