DGX-660 -> Turn on, is normal, then hum and increased volume

Oct 14, 2020
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Topic title pretty much says it.

All of a sudden, now when I turn on the keyboard, have volume dial set at 12:00, volume is not quiet, but not loud. But, within 5 - 8 seconds I start hearing a hum, and the volume increases a lot. It remains loud until I turn it off and back on.

I have tried a boot to clear everything back to normal. Didn't help.

I need to point out that this started while I was trying to get style bass clef volume to be more pronounced for a song I'm learning. The treble clef overwhelms the bass clef if I have a style set, ACMP on. With that setting, the full style does not play unless I press the Start button (or set it to start on first key press), however it does make the bass clef play strings only for the most part.

I was experimenting to understand Song Volume, vs Main Volume, etc. Don't know why that would cause the hum and loudness.

Any thoughts?



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