Drum loops and a computer?

Feb 26, 2010
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Hi Everybody,

My fifteen year old Technics home keyboard has this cool thing it does where, with the control of a foot switch, I can send a built-in drum pattern into breaks, alternate patterns, fills, and an ending. I can actually control a drum pattern live and on-the-fly. It's very cool for a jazz guy who doesn't have a set length for a song when he starts playing.

Problem is, I'm burned out on the drum patterns in that one keyboard and I think I'm ready to move up to higher ground using my Mac.

I'm a complete newbie to digital music but I've read about drum loops and samplers (neither of which I've ever used).

Is there any software out there that will let me use sampled drum loops and control them on-the-fly "live" (with a footswitch or whatever) while I play along on another instrument?

Or do all samplers and drum loops need to be programmed in advance?



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