'E' keys playing loud in every octave.

Feb 24, 2021
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I have a velocity yamaha np-30 keyboard. The issue just arised that every E key on the piano is playing as if at full velocity. I can't find anyone online with the same problem only people where it's a hardware issue as only one or two keys are acting up. I'm pretty sure that this is a software issue rather than hardware because it is every single E key on the keyboard and not individual keys. I have tried factory resetting and it hasn't worked. The issue remains when I'm using the speaker or the headphones, without a pedal plugged in and without. Please help this is extremely frustrating as the warranty has long gone on this keyboard and I'm just so confused as to why this has happened. Even if anyone knows how to completely turn off the whole sensitivity feature on the keyboard as a whole that would be great (if this is even a sensitivity problem I have no idea).



I meant to play that note!
Jun 6, 2014
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You could try opening it up and using a can of compressed air to blow out any dust, hairs, and other detritus, then close it up and see if that helped.

If you want to simply turn off the touch sensitivity entirely, or change it to a different setting, hold down the GRAND PIANO button and press one of the following keys:

GRAND PIANO + A5 -- Set Touch Sensitivity to Fixed (off).
GRAND PIANO + A#5 -- Set Touch Sensitivity to Soft.
GRAND PIANO + B5 -- Set Touch Sensitivity to Medium (default).
GRAND PIANO + C6 -- Set Touch Sensitivity to Hard.

According to Yamaha's system of identification, Middle C is C3, so A5 would be the highest A on the NP-30, and C6 would be the highest C.

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