Email support for old Technics keyboards from Panasonic

Oct 8, 2014
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Due to a fault on my Technics KN-2600 keyboard I rang the US 'free' assistance number. After explaining to the operator the kind of help I was seeking, she passed me on to one department who then passed me on to another, and this continued until I had spoken to 6 different individuals. When the last one (whose department I had been put through to once already) insisted that he only looked after police car radios and was going to transfer me a seventh time, I got fed up and put the phone down. This was the worst helpline I have ever experience including outsourced Vodafone and Virgin Media. The 'free' support cost me at least 40 minutes at international call cost to ring the US from Britain with no response to my query whatsoever. I feel it is a waste of time to ring them again, and was wondering if anyone knows of a specific email address for support? There is a general query page on the Panasonic site, but I suspect the same thing will just happen with my query just being bounced from department to department until someone hits delete. If someone can advise I would be much obliged.

Many thanks.


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