Garage Band - Help Please

Dec 11, 2017
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Finally got around to buying the cable required to connect daughters iPad to her Yamaha 433 keyboard

She is learning Kaiser Chiefs songs and doing quite well.

Can GarageBand help her?

Anybody got any hints, tips or links to videos to help her get the most out of it?

I thought connecting it to the keyboard would allow her to play music in the background through her keyboard to help her with timing and such


Sep 6, 2017
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Lancashire, UK.
Garage Band is essentially a mini DAW, it is aimed at recording individual intruments on a track by track basis in other words to build up a sond layer by layer.

To use the MIDI keyboard controller with an iPad to oearn and play music try the App Music Studio. The tutorial below shows the App but it shows it using a keboard on the screen, connecting a MIDI keyboard controller will work, at least it does with my setup.

A Google search will return many video tutorials on Garage Band.

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