Going unplugged with Synth ...?

Jan 2, 2014
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Levittown PA
I have been in Rock bands, country bands, wedding bands, you name it, for decades. Gradually increasing in complexity and technical skill, I feel like it is not a challenge any more. Besides, I need a truck to haul all the gear. Enough already.

I recently decided to try a duet project. After a little talking and learning that one of my guitar buds wanted to get out of that game too. So we started a strictly unplugged thing. Okay It's a Korg so it needs to be amped, but that is the only exception.

It took a bit of culture change to resist the temptation to use any sounds other than acoustic piano, not accompanying tracks, rhythms or any electric sounds. What a challenge. There is no hiding behind technology (or the bass player for that matter). It's just us, warts and all. Beats are added with tapping the keyboard shell, guitar body or sometimes a cajun.

Now it seems that I tend to gravitate to pop hits that should not be done acoustically or "unplugged", but we are making them work. Besides, guitar hits are everywhere, so just roll with it. And dealing with just us instead of a whole band, there's less drama, it's easier to transpose without getting resistance to "compromising the quality of the song", and two guys can pull off a chick song. A full band just doesn't want to do that. And doing guitar riffs on piano, yeah.

Jeez. I should have done this years ago. It's such fun.
I just wanted to share this with the community. Thanks.
- Lenster


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