Hammond Porta B VS 1965 B3



Apr 4, 2012
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Let's do a quick comparison between the new Porta-B and their existing SKX keyboard (1 year old):

"new" Hammond Porta-B:
  • 4 sets of drawbars
  • Vase III technology, rather than the new sound engine of the XK5, so 15 year old sound technology, same as the SKX
  • does have a built-in amp and speakers, but the internal leslie is the same as the SKX
  • Vase III warbly C/V like the SKX
  • 175 freaking pounds which is about the same weight as my 1969 Hammond Porta B (aka the L100-P): see here
  • 6 grand, with a $5 discount to $5995....
  • can 1 person move this? probably with a hand truck, otherwise two people needed.
Hammond SKX:
  • Vase III technology (same as the SKX)
  • 2 sets of drawbars
  • internal leslie sim
  • Vase III warbly C/V
  • no built-in amp/speakers
  • 37 pounds (138 pounds less than the Porta-B)
  • $3 grand, less a $5 discount to $2995
  • 1 person to move it
Who is the target market for this new keyboard? According to the Hammond ad it says ".. amp and speakers are so you’re ready for band practice.." So you're paying an additional 3 grand for two additional sets of drawbars and amp/speakers. Wouldn't it just make more sense to purchase the SKX and bring a small portable powered speaker to practice?



Aug 27, 2018
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Friend of mine had a Porta-B in 1973. I brought it home with me for a repair. I thought I got a hernia getting it out of my car alone and back in alone..... I wondered what the hell "porta" meant...... sure wasn't portamento :) didn't refer to wine, either, although I needed about 3 hits of Jack in the Black before and after......

delaware dave said:
Wouldn't it just make more sense to purchase the SKX and bring a small portable powered speaker to practice?

What would have made perfect sense is that I would have took up the violin in 1958 instead of the piano. However, my father thought me a "sissy" enough at piano, he would have written me out of his will and disowned me if I became a fiddle player....
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