Hammond XPK130G pedals

Feb 21, 2018
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So...I have 2 Hammond setups. One is a SK2 with XPK-200 pedals. That is usually set up in my studio. I do take it out if I have a "weekend" gig, in other words, 2 or 3 nights in a row, or if the gig requires primarily organ work.

My other setup is a SK1-73 with XPK-100 pedals. This I use if playing with a band, or if I have a single night solo gig. I like the longer keyboard for piano work, and I generally use the piano when I am accompanying a vocalist. Over the past year I noticed every once in a while the SK1 would suddenly change patches or transpose keys seemingly on its own. It was driving me nuts! Finally I figured out what the problem was.
New shoes!

My new shoes had a little longer point in front of the toes. Now and then when I would play a Bb, the tip of the shoe would hit the "lock" button and unlock the parameters, and depending on what my next note was it would change patches or change keys.

When I was looking on the Hammond site, I saw a new model, the XPK-130G. Problem solved, no buttons on the top, just like my XPK-200. I got it today, and although I haven't tried the built in sounds yet, I am very happy with it. Same dimensions and weight as the previous model. I never used any of the parameters on the pedal anyway on the original.


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