Having problems with Cubase and GuitarPort

Aug 19, 2010
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Hello, and thanks for reading.....

I am trying to record sounds through GuitarPort into Cubase. I am using my E-MU 0404 PCI card which as stereo inputs.
I run the audio outs from the GuitarPort (rca phono) into the emu's 1/4" inputs.
I then setup a new track to record. I have 3 other tracks that I have recorded some music from my Korg Triton using the same setup....audio outs of the Korg into the Emu.
Cubase recorded the Korg just fine and I can hear playback fine.
When using the GuitarPort, I can hear myself playing the sounds I want just fine, but when I record the track and try to playback...no guitar? I can hear the previous Korg tracks, but not the new guitar track?
When I use the little speaker icon to hear back a particular track individually (looks like the windows volume icon) and you hold it over the guitar track, I can hear what I recorded...weird eh?
I just must have something simple setup incorrectly...I hope anyways.
Any help would be greatly appreciated...I am starting to get frustrated trying different things over and over....you know the drill.
Thank you,


Feb 17, 2011
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Cyprus, Limassol
thats really weird, it be nice if you could make a video maybe to demonstrate the procedure, coz i has something similar, i think that one of your channels are not set correctly.

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