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Aug 3, 2022
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Hello keyboard forums members.
I am a low-intermediate pianist, started lessons Spring 71’ at age 11 and progressed for 6 weeks at which time two things happened. #1, lessons were becoming more challenging; #2) school let out for the summer. I decided to quit lessons. A dear old uncle said to me “ i hope you”ll reconsider because i’m afraid that if you quit, you will regret it later in life”.

Here i am 51 years later, trying to drink up as much regret as i can after resuming (2014) lessons as a 55 year old adult. I hung with the adult lessons for 20 months until losing my job in late 16’. I have 3 DPs: a cabinet model from Roland’s last line of sample-based DPs; a Kawai ES7 collecting dust; a new DGX670. The latter i got partly because its more appropriate for where I’m at/more my speed, and partly out of curiosity to see if having a unit in person would help me better figure out how to use the gazillion features i had been reading about in the Owner’s & Reference manuals ….. it’s only been 3 months, the jury is still unsure.


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