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Aug 6, 2007
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Virginia Beach, VA USA
Hi, I'm Rawl from VA Beach. I have several keyboards including a Yamaha DX7 I bought new in the mid 1980's and a Yamaha S80 I bought new a few years ago.

I also play brass, mainly Cornet, Flugelhorn, and Trumpet. Cornet is my favorite of the three to play because of the mellow tone.

I have been taking an on-line course in orchestration that uses sampled sounds to create very realistic symphonic music. I have Cubase 4 as a sequencer, Emu 1820m hardware in my DAW and both Emu's Modern Symphony Orchestra and IK Multimedia's Miraslov Symphony Orchestra sample libraries as well as a host of more modern libraries that come with the Emu Emulator X software synth.

I am currently trying to decide what kind of MIDI keyboard controller to buy in order to be able to use my laptop for music when I travel. I am considering the Emu Xboard 61 or the M-Audio 61 key equivelant. I am spoiled by the DX-7 and S80 for action and quality.

Any feedback on these is very welcome.

I hope to be able to post some musical examples soon.

Keep cool and play on.



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