help me get my Qchord to recognize on ableton through the xiosynth


Feb 3, 2014
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thanks in advance for any and all help.
I am not a programmer or midi wizard.
my setup is a laptop running ableton live 9
I have been playing the qchord for a few years and have never been able to get the midi out recognized. Recently I picked up a used XIOSynth 25 key controller. It hooks up to the computer through USB and acts as a sound card offering midi in and midi out. When I hooked up the Qchord with a cheap midi connector from the midi out to the computers other USB port and played around with the xio template config for a few hours somehow it finally worked and I was seeing the Qchord as a midi in on ableton and was able to use it as a controller. I have not been able to reproduce the same results since and am looking to find what it is that I missed.
The xio allows settings for;

Control type No control / CC / NRPN / RPN / Aftertouch
Control number 1 - 127
Display type -64 to 63
Pot control Pickup / Jump
Low value -64 to 63
High value -64 to 63
midi channel 1 - 16
and midi ports off / usb / midi / usb and midi

then on another set of switch dealing with the 25 keys on the controller

velocity curve 1 -127
template trans -64 to 63
keyboard midi channel 1-16
keyboard midi ports usb / midi/ usb and midi
override midi channel off or 1-16
synth by control off / KBD / KBD+joy / KBD+joy+pad
synth by midi on / off
global hybrid on / off

then on the global button xiosynth asks
usb to midi out on / off
Pot override off / pickup / jump


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