Help with Bon Jovi Bad Medicine sound on Juno DS

Jun 13, 2016
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Hi all. I am playing in a 80s tribute band and we are doing Bon Jovi's Bad Medicine. I am trying to find the right sound in the beginning but not having luck with it. I am using a Roland DS-61. Any suggestions would be appriecated



Jun 28, 2014
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Adelaide, Australia
G'day Frank,

It's possible there's not too many Juno DS owners on this forum, given the lack of response to date. I don't own one either, but it looks like a very nice 'board.

I'd suggest that that keyboard sound in this song is pretty stock standard for the 1980's and I'd be exceptionally surprised if your DS didn't have a preset somewhere in there that is very close to it. I was having a look at the parameter guide and there appears to be something like 2000 patches in this thing, a good number of them "synth" patches.

I do own the older, less sophisticated but similar Juno-Gi and although it's having nap time in its bag at the moment I know I'd be able to get the sound on that 'board, so I'm confident you will be able to on yours.

If I were you I'd just start with the synth sounds and work your way through them one by one until you find something close. From there you can modify to taste.

Hope that helps, sorry I can't be more specific.

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