How to covert board with only usb to sound module?

Mar 7, 2018
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Hello, problem is I'd like to upgrade my keyboard which I'm currently using with a Peavey Spectrum Organ sound module from the 90s because I wanted better organ tones, which I'm happy with this sound module but I have no good piano tones, which I need.

I keep finding great piano tones on boards within my budget but without a way to hook it up to the Peavey sound module (which I need because I don't want to haul a computer around and really like the organ tones I get from it). It looks like I need some sorta converter with a usb to midi or a cord like this... do they make that, and if so, what is the actually name and price range? What am I looking for?!lol I guess my only other option is to find a board with both good tones, but I'm picky about the organ tones and typically a nice variety is beyond my budget unless anybody has any suggestions?


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