How to improve your YouTube Channel

Feb 19, 2014
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Washington, D. C. , USA
It seems nowadays, having music alone isn't enough. Many people have started their own youtube channels, highlighting their music,artwork, etc. But how do you get subscribers? What makes a video viral and get over 1Million views? well..
I came across this great article about improving YouTube channels and getting more views/followers.

I highly recommend reading the entire article!
(link at the bottom)

The three methods of growing:

The first method of growing: Gateway video(s).
Now this method isn't something you can just "aim" for and get, since it requires you to get a semi-viral video, which appeals to a large consumer base. However I thought I'd mention it since it has helped me grow.

The second method of growing: Sharing.
This one you know all too well, showing your videos to friends or sharing it on great forus like yttalk. You CANNOT grow a smaller channel without one or both of the first 2 methods.

The third method of growing: Natural growth.
This is the kind of growth you want your channel to have, the one you can't get when you're a small channel. The point where your channel grows on it's own, and you get hundreds of new subscribers each day. Don't be mistaken though, no one got to this, without going through at least one of the above.

The three stages of your channel...

The very beginning:

Here we're talking about a channel that has little to no viewers, they can only utilize 2 out of the 3 growth methods. Usually only the second, since none of his/her videos get to be semi-viral, seeing as they get little to no views. Even sites such as Reddit will cast your videos aside, seeing as they're not already sprouting at least a little bit.

Middle stage:
I like to recognize this tier as the point where you don't need to whore yourself out everywhere, however your growth is still very slow. You may have a few hundred subscribers, and you gain a few here and there, however your growth is very slow. This is the point where you wanna aim for gateway videos.

Think about it like this, someone who sees a channel they've never seen before, which doesn't get alot of views, usually don't watch a 20 minute vlog. However a 30 second funny video of sorts, that's more like it! Keep gateway videos between 20 seconds and 2-3 minutes.

The self-sustainable stage: As I talked about previously, this is the point where your channel will grow on it's own, this is the stage you ideally wanna get to. The rest of this guide will be on how to optimize your channel from this point on, so if your channel isn't this big, try focusing on my previous points.

read the full article here,


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