Howdy from Houston, Texas

Mar 1, 2021
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Hey everybody. I just found this forum after doing an internet search.

I'm a guitarist primarily, and a composer. I studied music for two years in college, so during that time, I was required to study piano -- and I actually got pretty good at it. But that was a long time ago and after my tenure as a music student I spent too many years without keyboards, so I lost pretty much everything I learned.

I now own three keyboards -- a 61-key synth, a 76-key digital piano (sorta)/synth, and an 88-key digital piano with weighted action. So no more excuses. I need to budget my time better where I can spend at least an hour a day with my piano. But I do use my keyboards on a fairly regular basis when I'm composing music. Keyboards are so much more easy for analysis of my compositions than doing so on guitar. I know the fretboard backwards and forwards, but I've never seen it as being a clear slate when it comes to theory and analysis. That and stacking 3rds is a real problem on guitar, and since all chords are based on stacking 3rds, the guitar is often a challenge when I'm composing.

So anyway, I'll probably have some MIDI questions, and also some with regard to efficient time management as well.


Sep 6, 2017
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Lancashire, UK.
Hello from way over the other side of the Atlantic.

We can all relate to managing time and it does not get easier when you are retired in fact where has the morning gone, all that I have done is take the dog for a walk and now its time for lunch

I hear the BLT buttie calling ..... make me, make me!


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