Ideas for a string synth

Sep 28, 2007
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Hey.. I've been sortof asking around to everyone that I know that owns synths and whatnot..

I'm in the market for a decent string emulator (mostly for violins, violas, cellos, etc), or a program that will give me decent options to do so.

I've recorded live strings, and it just gets to be sortof a hassle gathering all of the musicians together.. So thats really why I'm looking for one that gives a decent sound.

I've found this East-West Sypmonic program.. and in my opinion it is absolutely wonderful.. if you have 2500$ to spend on a program... You see, I do not have a lot of money to spend.

Any thoughts?

PS (my price limit will probably be upwards to 1000 TOPS)

Sorry if this a bit jumbled.. but thank you all for any help :D


Jul 18, 2007
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The problem is that every keyboard sounds different to different people.
I myself love yamaha's strings and orchestral sounds but only on new models
such as motif, mo and the S90 series... on the other hand, PSR series has "schreetchy"
orchestral sounds.

Korg also has some good presets, but as I said you might want to try out those yourself, although most of them cost more than 1000$

Maybe you could get a used korg TRITON and buy some samples as extras.

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