I'm looking for the ultimate keyboard stand; please help!

Nov 18, 2013
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Hi guys, made an account specifically to ask this. Hope no one minds!

Ok, so I recently moved. Before I left I sold most of my gear, and am now in the process of upgrading to a new rig.

My rig will basicallly be:

-Doepfer lmk2+
-Alesis Micron (kept this)
-Laptop computer
-Sampler, currently: Akai MPD26
-Audio box, Focusrite Scarlet 2i2
-A series of guitar pedals, and sustain pedal

What I'm struggling to find is a stand. The whole goal with my rig is playability and portability. I'm living in a city where I can walk/public transit to most gigs I'll have. I have a flight case that can hold my Akai and Alesis and some pedals in. A messenger bag for my laptop, audiobox, and cords. The flight case I can hold at my side with one hand, the same with the doepfer in my other hand. I can wear the messenger bag at my side.

I'm hoping to find a keyboard stand that can support at least the alesis, doepfer, laptop, and akai, that can break down into something that I could wear on my back (column style stand?), and will be sturdy on stage. Looks are important too...

I realize this is a LOT to ask from one stand, but I'd be willing to go into kinda ridiculous price ranges if I could find THE ONE. I also realize the image of me carrying all this gear is probably a pretty funny one. Hopefully I never have to carry everything all at once, but having the ability to be that compact is a huge plus for me. When I was on the East Coast, I had some heavy gear that meant multiple trips, and a nightmare when fitting everything in a car with other people's gear.





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