Ipad as eq for DGX-670

Nov 6, 2021
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I only have hearing in one ear and wear a hearing aid (HA). Music sounds decent when streamed to it via bluetooth. However, sounds unnatural when listening live through the HA mics while playing my DGX670 using headphones or speakers. Without the HA, lows are fine but upper freqs badly lack. I connected a Behringer 802 analog mixer fed from the phone output of the DGX. The 802 has a 3 band eq which helps significantly using phones but doesn't equal the brightness experienced using HA bluetooth mode. I would like to feed the analog from the mixer to a ipad, process with some type of ipad multi band eq app and feed it back to the mixer via the phone output of the ipad. Anyone have any suggestions on how to do this. I want to keep all the built in rhythm functionality of the DGX and think using the DGX USB out to the ipad would not work. Thank you.

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