Is there a small, portable keyboard with multi-track recording?

Oct 9, 2010
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Hi guys,

I've just signed up because I could do with some advice, if anyone can help.

I'm an amateur songwriter and have been writing songs pretty much all my life. What I'm looking for is a fairly small/portable keyboard I can pick up and take around with me (or leave it in the car), so whenever inspiration hits me I can pick it up and just play whatever's in my head. It doesn't need to have full size keys, or many keys (I guess 2 octaves would do me).

I was originally thinking I would just buy a child's toy, because in almost all respects, that would be perfect: small, cheap, and just something I can pick up and hear a few notes on. I've always really loved those cheerful little toy keyboards anyway.

However, I started to notice that some of the toy keyboards have simple recording facilities, and some even have microphone input. This got me thinking how cool it would be if I had something portable I could do a bit of multi-track recording with or record my voice onto. So this is probably going to be much more expensive than a child's toy but it would be worth it. So, does anyone know of a keyboard with the following features:
  1. Fairly small and portable
  2. Allows multi-track recording (even just 3 or 4 tracks would do)
  3. Number of voices not important, but must have drums
Would also like but not essential:
  1. Ability to record input via microphone
  2. A transpose button is almost essential, but I suppose I could live without one
  3. Basic reverb control (like on/off) would be lovely
  4. Something cheap (like a toy)
I don't care about:
  1. Styles or demo songs
  2. Sound/instrument quality (I'm only using this to compose, not to perform or record) it can be really cheap and nasty-sounding
  3. Doesn't have to be a current model — I can buy second hand
Would anyone be able to advise me at all?


Oct 16, 2010
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what about this one. Rii mini, combined keyboard and touch pad together, and half-palm size. World's most mini keyboard mouse presenter comboSpecific multi-media remote control and Touchpad presenter function handheld keyboard Keyboard standard: British, EU, Dutch, US, Russian.


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