I've finally arrived! Rocking can officially begin now.

Sep 27, 2010
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Hello all! My screen name is *looks at screen*, ah yes, it's shadow460. I've been playing keys and piano off and on for the last 30 years (since around 1980 when Mom got a new Yamaha piano). When it comes to keys, I'm almost strictly a Yamaha player, although I've jammed on some Korg, Roland, Casio, and Kawai instruments also.
I moved into keyboards in 1996 when I purchased an inexpensive PSR-185. I played it some, then it sat unused until late 2002. I purchased an electric bass, the soon after I purchased a PSR-260. At the time, this well worn DJX seemed to be following me from pawn shop to pawn shop, but I ignored it. I purchased a Casio CTK series board next, then I finally gave in and purchased the DJX.
My next keyboard purchase was recently when the DJX developed problems. I purchased a PSR-E323 since I needed something to play live that evening, then I repaired the DJX not long after. I still use the E323 sometimes when I'm playing live.
My latest keyboard purchase is a Yamaha KX-5 keytar. It's the black model. I was considering a Roland Lucina, but my experience with Yamaha was what made my decision. I do not regret the purchase at all, as this is a solid keytar.

I guess I'm part of the keytar revival, and I have to say it's awesome to be able to jam right there alongside the electric guitar and bass player. I can't let them have all the fun! It's also great to be able to jump off the platform just as if I was playing the bass, and I am no longer restricted to camping out behind my boards!

In addition to keys, I sing (I am a baritone), and I play acoustic guitar, electric bass, and steel guitar. I also play a little electric guitar and I occasionally hit the drums.

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