Juno DS88 Patch Organization Question

Jan 24, 2018
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Hello! Questions on sound patch layout in the DS. On any given group button, say KEYBOARD /ORGAN for example, if I repeatedly press it, it goes to sound Ky S01, to S25, to 501, then starts over. If I scroll up thru the Sxx sounds it eventually gets to Ky 001, 002, etc. It goes to Ky 168, then jumps to 501. Help me understand what this means please!

Here's what I got so far. Ky S01 starts the KEYBOARD sounds. S25 starts the ORGAN sounds. What are the Ky xxx sounds? And what is the 501? Are the Sxx sounds "premium" or "feature" sounds, and the xxx patches are older? Are the 5xx patches user - created?

Also, look at the photo here. See the little letters right above the biggest ones, (ORG: Organ )? That seems to be a way the DS categorizes sounds as well. Is it possible to look at the patches sorted by those categories? Example: (ACD: Accordion ) is the category for Ky S06 and Ky 158, but you don't see these two near one another on the list sorted by patch number.



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May 30, 2012
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The category in question also includes instruments like clavinets, marimbas, harpsichords as well as organs so I guess it's just a quick way to jump sub categories instead of having to scroll thru a hundred instruments to get to a percussive sound.

To be honest I've never tried pushing a category button twice in a row on mine.

Gary ;)

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