Juno-G and its separated midi channels, problem with external midi controller

Jan 4, 2011
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I'm a new user of this forum and I'm sorry if my English is not perfect (I'm Italian).

I wish to play my Roland Juno-G from my external midi controller Numa Nano.
According to Numa Nano's specifics I can play by this midi controller on separated midi channels. So I wish to play, for example, a piano on the Numa Nano (it's a hammer action master keyboard with 88 keys) and an organ on the Juno-G.

I thought it was possible thanks to Juno-G's performance mode, using different tracks for organ and piano but, even if I set Numa to trasmit only to one channel (2 for example), Juno receives midi data on every channel, playing every track with "switch on" like it was juno's keyboard itself.

How I can play on separated channel with this setup, Juno-G + Numa Nano ??

Please help me,

thanks and happy new year :)


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