K2000R octave buttons

Discussion in 'alt.music.synth.kurzweil' started by vasto, Sep 25, 2008.

  1. vasto

    vasto Guest

    I have a stone age (last century) K2000 keyboard and recently aquired
    (on ebay) a K2000R rack unit that has comtemporary and orchestral ROM.
    One MIDI cable goes to the rack from the keyboard. I am running both
    audio outputs into a splitter and then to an amp. While I can control
    the rack nicely with the keyboard, I cannot change octaves from the
    rack independently from the keyboard. This despite trying different
    MIDI settings from both units. I find it odd that, for example, prog
    #122 BALLAD ORGAN is an octave lower on the keyboard than the rack.
    The soft buttons do work for other functions. Any suggestions would be

    vasto, Sep 25, 2008
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