Keyboard for a beginner

Feb 12, 2021
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Hello to everyone,

I been looking different you tube videos about keyboards and I find myself little bit lost.
Currently I live in India here I star to play a kind of keyboard but only can be play with one hand and with the other you blow air, is an harmonium. I expend time practicing and learning about music theory and I really like it, so I wanted to keep playing but there are some obstacles.
The weight of the instrument is not so convenient for traveling (before covid I was traveling with some friends), other thing is that is an acoustic instrument so no possible to plug your headphones keep playing while traveling or in my room without disturbing my mates.
So I started to look for a keyboard, my goal is not to became a pianist, I just want to keep playing music and get some fun.
I find some recommendations about touch sensitivity keys and I find the pss-a50 of Yamaha that looks really interesting and cheap, but I don't know about the durability of the instrument.
Also I find the Casio ct300 and ctx 700 and the Yamaha psr-s373. Prices are of course higher and with 61 key, the weight is not too much max 4kg.
I need some advice because I don't know about doing music in a computer, I don't even have one. If I buy a supper nice keyboard I feel fear to get lost and leave it in a corner. I will be very happy to read about your friendly advice in this forum, thanks a lot!!


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