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    And now we're getting closer to the final step of actually buying yourselves a keyboard. So which way to go? Used, cheaper but unchecked condition or new but much more expensive?

    My experience showed that keyboards don't tend to break on their own, and if the previous owner kept his gear in good condition – it's really safe enough to go out and buy a used keyboard. Also have in mind that for the price of a new mid-range keyboard you will be able to buy a used high-end machine. Once you see the keyboard in front of you – you will be able to tell how it was treated.

    If you can afford it – then sure, go and buy a brand new one. The warranty is always a great thing, and so is the fact you actually own a brand new instrument. If you're going for a used one – make sure to check all buttons, sliders, knobs, keys, touchscreen and inputs/outputs. Having something broken enables you to lower the price even more – but also means paying the repairs later. Also try and make the owner keep the keyboard turned on for a longer while. That way you'll check for overheating or OS crashes.

    But even though people say money isn't everything – it sure makes a big deal. In most cases you're buying stuff according to the current budget. Sometimes you go and stretch it a bit, but that's about it... So what can you get for a defined amount of money?

    It really differs from country to country – plus, Europe usually has much higher prices than the US due to higher taxes and other mumbo-jumbo I don't know much about...

    Anyway – here's a list of keyboards set into categories. Not all keyboards are mentioned of course – just the ones that are most common, the ones that are "legendary" or the ones you might want to take a look at.

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    Skipp, Aug 27, 2010
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