Korg M1 vst vs all the rest



Hi All,

Just thought I would chime in with some advice. You know, I spent thousands on various VSTs, Native Instruments and Arturia to name a few, but I bought a VST a few weeks ago that really impressed me, it's called the Korg M1. If you are a fan of 80s sounds, you have to get it. In fact, as much as I love NI and Arturia, I find myself going back again and again to the M1. It's the real sound of the 80s. Yeah, you don't have the flexibility and the power of NI or Arturia, but the M1 does it for me. For presets and 80s sounds, you can't go wrong. You will hear Depeche Mode sounds in there, and anything else from the 80s.

My next hardware purchase will be the Roland D 05, which too is an iconic synth of the 80s. Keep an eye out, sometimes Korg has a half price sale on their VSTs, and I got my M1 VST for 25 dollars! And you can do tons of stuff with it. A must buy.... only downside is that the interface is a bit dated, but the sounds are really incredible!


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