korg m3 and roland e96

Mar 8, 2020
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hello guys,i'm new here

so i am using roland e96 arranger as a master for korg m3. rhythm is the biggest problem here. drums are set to channel 10,by default. whenever i start the rhythm on roland,it plays well with m3 drum kit for a couple of seconds,then it switches to default 001 piano instead of drum kit. also,when i press fill-in or change the variation on roland,same thing happens. this piano is so annoying. i saved the setting million times on m3,channel 10 is only for drum set and nothing more. but i can't even touch the buttons on roland,it breaks everything immediately. like roland is sending some unwanted commands to m3,something that i can't see. 001 piano is the default number 1 sound on korg m3. i don't know how to get rid of it. like if i could somehow replace the slot 001 with drum kit instead of this stupid piano. any help appreaciated,please help.


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