Korg PA600: 4 questions from newbie

Sep 13, 2017
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I've been playing music since the 1960s, but am just now getting serious about exploring the capabilities of a keyboard I can use for accompaniment in live gigs (me and a guitar player). I'm leaning toward the Korg PA600, but I have a few questions about it before I buy. Any info is appreciated, and remember--I'm a newbie at this. Also, I'm a Mac user.

1. My goal is to maintain a set list (songs linked with their associated styles) on my iPad or MacBook, and select songs with their styles from there, instead of from the small Korg screen. Can I make the PA600 and iPad communicate in this way?

2. Can I edit styles on the PA600 to simplify them? (For example, strip harmonica and banjo out of a country style, leaving just bass, drums, etc.)

3. Can I import styles from other sources? (Do users share styles, or do companies sell them? I'm intrigued by the styles on the Korg Liverpool.)

4. I previously purchased MainStage software, but have not used it yet. Can it interact with the PA600?

Thanks for any help.


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