Korg Triton Extreme - How to use as a GM MIDI playback device?

Mar 16, 2019
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So, I'm new here, but I didn't know where else to post this, so I made an account.

I have a Korg Triton Extreme which, out of curiosity, I want to try using to play the music from old MS-DOS games using a laptop of the era with MIDI Out.

I have connected a MIDI cable from my laptop's MIDI Out to the keyboard's MIDI IN, and when I play a song on my laptop, it does, indeed, play back on the keyboard, but only a single instrument is played (the default piano.)

I have read online that Bank G is where all the midi instruments are located, but I don't have a bank G on my Triton Extreme. I have A through E, and then it skips to H and beyond.

But my question is, how would I get my Triton to play back the MIDI data of all the instruments as it should on say, a Roland Sound Canvas, so I can just play the game using the keyboard for background music?


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