KorgN364 keyboard sequence playing problem

Sep 11, 2021
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I have a KorgN364 keyboard. I face difficulty in doing sequence on the keyboard. Keyboard has the midi option. The sequence (16 tracks) can be imported as midi and exported as midi. If sequence (16 tracks) is done on a computer on another software (e.g. ProTools, MixPad Multitrack Recording Software) and exported as midi and if that midi is imported to keyboard as midi not correctly working.
Then following problems come
  • 1. Tone automatically changes in between playing the sequence.
  • 2. I couldn't change the tempo.

But imported midi correctly plays.

1. What should I do to play the sequence (16 tracks) done on the computer correctly on the keyboard?
2. What software should I use to overcome these problems?

please help me to solve this problem.
Thank you


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