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Nov 18, 2015
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Hi Rodrigo Andreiuk,
If you are reading this I know you have made the right steps to get here.
I for one welcome you.

To everyone else here. .
"Kraken" is a band I saw on The Carnival Legend cruise ship and I met up with Rodrigo, the keyboardist.
I invited him to join the forums. He said he would be delighted to. It may take some time however and I understand that since he has other committments. He knows to look for the subject "Kraken"

Pics of his Cruise ship rig above . .
also check out some of his work here . .

I have done 7 cruises now and can honestly say Kraken is the best I have seen. So, Rodrigo when you click onto this link, please pass on on my positive feedback to the rest of the band. William on Drums is fantastic so is Chris on guitar and Anne (vocals) Sadly I did not meet up with the other singer or bass player. I hope oneday I see you again Rodrigo. Maybe the next cruise.

Cheers for now, look forward to your imput Rodrigo.

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