Kronos + Controller??

Jul 9, 2015
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I recall reading an article in Keyboard magazine last year where a musician mentioned that he used a Kronos in conjunction with a MIDI controller keyboard (I think it was a Roland) as his live setup. He was able to play both keyboards simultaneously with each keyboard playing a different program and I believe there was only one combined audio output.

Can anyone explain to me how to set this up on the Kronos? I have a Kronos 88 and I would love to add a second keyboard that can play the Kronos programs so I can play a piano sound on the Kronos keyboard and use the controller for the Kronos synths, strings, etc.....




Fred Coulter

Collector of ancient keyboards
Feb 15, 2016
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Central Florida
Set the second keyboard to output on a different MIDI channel. Say, channel two?

Connect the MIDI output of the other keyboard to the MIDI input of the Kronos. Make sure the Kronos keyboard is only on channel 1.

Set up a combination sound on the Kronos, with the Piano on Channel 1 and the other sound on channel 2. (You'll set up a different combination for each of the other sounds you want to play on the other keyboard.)

There is no need to worry about mixing external and internal sounds. The Kronos is producing both sounds.

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