Kurz pc4 accepts k2000, 2500, and 2600 programs

Jul 29, 2020
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Beaverton, OR
I just bought a PC4 Keyboard. 18 years ago a buddy and I did some programs and songs on a K2000; ambient and avant guard songs using tweaked programs. Even made a south park program from imported audio clip. “I remember. I shoved it up my a#*”

I saved the KRZ files and now I am loading those into the PC4. I also went to Kurz website and down loaded k2000 libraries. When I went to get k2500 libraries the file name suffix changed. I see in support those files they were originally loaded into multiple locations.

Where would I find succinct explination of what k2500 files can be imported to pc4?

I am able to import KRZ files. Even those tweaked so long ago.

I can’t seem to import songs tho. I can see the song file in the opened KRZ filz. But no way to import. Anyone got experience with this?

After loading these the pc4 had some bad squelches and cut outs when going through programs. One program will hiccup and then the following programs don't make any sound. It would resolve and then randomly come back. Dangerous discovery since studio monitors blasted the hiccup.

I did a hard rest and it is back to normal.



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May 30, 2012
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GTA, Canada
I'm not certain K2X files are importable into the PC4. I know the files do work up to a point with the PC3K series after loading the K2 Compatibility files. Sometimes it requires renaming and shuffling around samples and objects.

For better info on Kurzweil keyboards I'd strongly advise signing up over at these two websites.

There is an optional donation of $5 AUD once a year to help pay for bandwidth and maintenance but it is well worth the money to keep these excellent resources up and running. Frankly less than what you'd spend on a beer and a plate of nachos in a bar. Plus there are perks to paid membership, including access to downloads.

Free membership will get you limited access but even a free membership will get your questions answered by experts.

Gary ;)

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