Kurzweil K2000 Vp problem (no audio, no led, no display, ecc...).

Jul 21, 2020
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Hi, I have a K2000 Vp and a few days ago it started shutting down after a few seconds (10/15 or 30 seconds, but only after performing a hard reset the K2000 stayed on for about 120 seconds, then went back to shut down after 10 / 15 seconds). Nothing lights up, LEDs, display and nothing is heard). I checked for problems with the electrolytic capacitors in the area where the power connector is placed (on the sound / power card), but they have no problems, I also checked the diodes and some resistors, as well as the voltage regulators and the Schotty diode D25 (which in the service manual is identified with the letter D19). I checked the voltages on the secondary of the transformer (practically those that then arrive at the sound / power card) and they are not correct, other voltages are specified in his service manual and therefore I think that the problem may depend on this. What I would like to ask you is if someone can kindly measure the 6 secondary voltages with the multimeter (just turn off the power supply on the K2000 by disconnecting the J20 connector and measure, therefore without any danger or risk for your K2000, the voltages on the 6 pins) . These are the voltages that I found on the secondary, as you can see by comparing them with those indicated in the service manual, they are out of order, in particular the 4/5/6, including the 4 and 6 that reach the Schotty diode (but also the 5, should be equal to 0volt, instead it measures over 5volt), the component that emits smoke following an obvious (I assume) short circuit or other problem with incorrect power supply: Pin power supply 1 Blue = 9.8v instead of 16v 2 White = 0.50v instead of 0v Ok (the only voltage that stands at the level indicated) 3 Blue = 8.8v instead of 16v 4 Red = 1v instead of 7.5v 5 Black = 5.2v instead of 0v 6 Red = 9.48v instead of 7.5v.



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