Kurzweil PC4 Effects Chain Editor

Dec 9, 2019
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I sent this issue to Kurzweil support 2 weeks now with no response.

I’ve come across an issue within the Effects Chain Editor. I do not like having to find things that are not working within the PC4. It’s frustrating as you can imagine.

As I grow and learn the possibilities with this keyboard I’m finding problems or perhaps not understanding what I’m reading and understanding. Let me begin with what I’ve found in this section.

Image at bottom.

When I chose, for example, the (Delay 150 Basic De…) then move forward to the next effect within the same effect box, I hear the next effect. Then move in reverse, go back to the original (Delay 150 Basic De…) and I hear a completely different sound. I repeat and the same action occurs. Then I move from the original Box, (Delay 150 De…) to the effect before the original using the( - symbol button) I hear a different effect as expected then return to the original effect box and I hear what was heard from when I originally moved forward to the next effect.

This seams like a glitch to me.


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