KURZWEIL SP6 -keys makeing snapping-back sound ?

Mar 9, 2019
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Hi I'm robin from Sweden and I'm new to the forum.

I recently bought the Kurzweil SP6 an I'm pritty pleased with it exept the sound/noise the keys make when they snapp back.

My daughters (7 and 10) go to music shool (piano, violin and klarinett) and usually the shool provides instruments but they ran out of keyboards ... so I had to find one ...

We can't have a real piano do wood-heating and the shifting warm-cold would put it quickly out off tune. Thats a shame because here in Sweden great pianos (used) are giving away for free. So I was looking for a keyboard with sound and keys like a real piano.

The shool recomended a Roland keyboard, but reading in on it, it's actualy known to bad keys, and display errors... I cant efford e new keyboard so I fished the net for used ones ... I actually bought a cheaper (used) car to have money over for the keyboard. Well, the car runs like s..., but the girls have a keyboard to play with ... it's a parents thing ...
Reading in on keyboards I found that Kurzweil is known to makeing generally keyboards with true piano sound ... I tried to buy the PC88Mx from the 90' for 200Euro but I was beaten to it. There were some NordStage and Yahmaha MX88 fore sale with good reviews but I just cant efford them ... off course there were other branches Korg, Roland, Kawai, ... but the reviews said you got tu have a ceartain model to get good stuff and basically I could not efford them as well...
So after buying that crappy car I could afford the used Kurzweil (almost new) and it seems to work fine. It has a sound calld >RubensteinCOMP< and it fits perfectly the sound a piano should make in my ears. The girs like it too, there are som really funny noises in it and with the wheels you can make them wierder.
But there's ont thing that's not so nice ... the keys are of course touch sensitive like a real piano but the snapping-back sound/noise they make is disturbing. I understand that real pianos have a snapping back noise too, but ours is so 'lound'.
So, do you have a similar experience with your keybord ? Ist it a Kruzweil thing ? Is my keyboard broken ? Is there some thing I can do about it ?

Greetings from Sweden
Apr 4, 2012
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Record and post it so that we can hear it; this way we can tell if it is normal for the keybed or if you may have a defective keybed.


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