KURZWEIL SP6 Sustain pedal & fade out ? How to ?

Mar 9, 2019
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Hi I'm toying around a Kurzweil SP6 with a sustain pedal.
I noticed when I releas the pedal sound stopps emediatly.
I think that's the way it's ment to be ... but I want ...
when I releas the sustain pedal the sound to fade out
instead of sudden end.
You think that's possible ? How do I do it ?
There is a delay nob on the keyboard, but useing it
only creates a wiered echo-delay. That's not what I want.
As you may understand am I a total newbee to Kurzweil, sound, musik, life ...
Jun 26, 2010
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The function you'd be looking for would be Release (that's what happens after you stop playing a note), not delay. You wouldn't be able to do that globally (it wouldn't make a lot of sense for a lot of sounds), but you can probably program individual sounds to behave that way, using the Mac, WIndows, or iPad editors.

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