Midi controlled true bypass looper with a keyboard rig?

Oct 6, 2014
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Dalvik, Iceland
Has anyone tried using a rack based midi controlled true bypass looper for their keyboard rigs. I am using some effects on my rig but I would like to limit the clutter at my feet and put the stomp boxes along with the rack mounted effects in the rack.

I want to be able to use a MIDI foot controller to send messages to my rack on what box/effect Ito use at what time but haven't found a suitable solution for the stereo signals and controllability via midi.

Anyone have a suggestion on what gear to use for this? Have thought about the Skrydstrup MR10 (http://www.skrydstrup.com/mr10.htm) split into 2 (6+4 loops) but wondering if there was a more simple/cheaper solution


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