MIDI Keyboard Recording of a Type O Negative Song?

Apr 21, 2016
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Hopefully this is in the right forum, none really seemed like the right one for the request I am going to make, but anyways...

So I am in an internet based band where we record cover songs (and some originals) for fun; but no vocals :) We currently record all the songs using the Reaper DAW and share the session files via One Drive. We have been doing this for about 15 years now, it's a fun hobby, and we keep getting better and better at the process. But we have now hit a challenge...one song we are recording is Type O Negative's Blood & Fire and there are keyboards in it. None of us know how to play piano and we are looking for some assistance from this group if you could.

As stated before, we are using Reaper and have the EZ Keys plugin, so if anybody can record a MIDI performance of the song, wow that would be awesome. There are not a lot of keyboards in it, but they start around 2:00 in, then some in the middle acoustic section (sounds like flutes), and again near the end of the song.

I cannot post any links to the song at the moment, being that I am a new user, but it's easily found on You Tube.


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