Midi modifier keys (or software that allows you to use two inputs on your contoller to affect one outcome in a DAW..)

Jun 2, 2020
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Hi there,

Firstly, apologies if this is in the wrong section, mods please move if you feel their is a more appropriate place for this

I'm fairly new to midi and have an okay handle on the basics. I recently bought pretty much the cheapest midi controller available, the Worlde Tuna Mini. I think it has a great name. I'm really happy with the potential for customisation capabilities and the overall feel is fine for a bargain basement controller, no different really from one of the cheap AKAI models.

I am trying to use the controller as a DAW control surface to control the mixer in Reason 10. Like most DAWs, in Reason 10 you can assign each knob or fader to repsond to a midi input. As you can see below, the Tuna Mini has 8 knobs, 8 faders and 8 pads. Furthermore, the Tuna has a "shift function" (top left small button) where you can switch between 8 modes- essentially it is like have 8 Tunas all with their own indepently assigned midi values. The software included with the Tuna allows you to edit both what value each control manipulates and how it behaves, eg toggle/gate, continuous etc etc.


What I want to do is have it so if a certain button is pressed down, another control behaves differently. For instance,if I toggle on big button 1, all the knobs control panning. If I toggle on button 2 maybe I could set that up to control HPF, button 3 LPF, button 4 FX send etc etc. That way I can use the controller as really effective controller and can come away from the screen when mixing down. If you think about the number of different key combinations you could toggle, there are 1000s of different things you could theoretically control.

I imagine my signal chain needs to look something like this:

Controller(sending multiple signals)---> piece of software that can combine these signals and turn them into something new--> DAW.

My question is, what is this piece of software? I've heard of things like Bome's and PureData but I'm not exactly sure how I would implement them for a solution like this. Surely people have done/do this sort of thing all the time?

Many thanks!



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