midi transmission issues

Jun 10, 2012
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I am currently using the USB on my Yamaha CP300 to trigger the Protools instruments sounds in Xpand2 specifically the organs and horn patches- so here is the problem I want to use my Korg CX3 through the CP300 to do the triggering- don't like the weighted keyboard feel for organ work- everything works fine until I pull up the Xpand2 then the CP300 quits receiving MIDI from the CX3 even after I close out the XPAND I get nothing I have to shut both units down and restart then the CX3 triggers the CP300 just fine ....until I open up any plug-in. I have tried chaning midi channels and the receive data on the CP300 to no avail- I am ready to try my old Kamlet Midi Patchbay to see if this helps- the same thing happened with a midi to usb adaptor from the CP300- Oh yeah the Lynx AES Soundcard in the computer does not have a MIDI port- weird right- I thought they all had midi these days any help from all you much more experienced gearu's is much appreciated

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