MIDI with inseparable LH/RH

May 18, 2012
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Hi everyone,

I'm trying to learn a Bach choral for the piano using the Learning Mode (3-step lesson) on my keyboard (a Casio LK-215). I found a MIDI that sounds very much like the original piece, but when starting it in Learning Mode (e.g. the "Step 2" button), the left- and right-hand parts are not separated but they are on the same track, such that I cannot rehearse the two hands separately.

I played around with the "Navi. Ch" option - usually, setting it from its original value of 4 to a 2 enables MIDIs that are written with LH and RH on two separate staves to also have "separable hands" in Learning Mode. But any values I tried led to the same result, i.e. all notes on a single channel/track. If I open the MIDI in MuseScore, the notes appear to be all over the place, and not separated into RH and LH staves - but on the other hand, so do other MIDIs which *do* have separable LH and RH parts!

Also, strangely, some of the keys that light up when I start the piece in Learning Mode are NOT in the piece when you play back the MIDI normally, and don't really make any sense in there (they're in the wrong key).

Any suggestions on how to "fix" this MIDI (uploaded here) and make it usable with the Learning Mode would be *very much* appreciated - thank you in advance!


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